Support Selena Gomez and PLUS1’s Black Equality Fund as They Fight for Racial Justice

Scott Ramsay

Selena Gomez announced that with the help of the PLUS1 initiative, she created a Black Equality Fund, which will provide funds to the forefront organizations of the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

Gomez has almost 62 million followers on Twitter and 181 million followers on Instagram accounts. She has been actively using her platform to amplify Black activists’ voices, whose goal is to fight for the most vulnerable by undoing the systemic racial oppression that is ingrained in our society.

PLUS1 is an initiative that brings artists and their avid supporters together through music to work on the world’s current pressuring issues, such as COVID-19 and police brutality. All money donated to the Black Equity Fund will be distributed across organizations, such as the TGI Justice Project, Color of Change, Know Your Rights Camp, Equal Justice Initiative, BU Center for Antiracist Research, and others.

It makes us happy to see a famous pop star use her voice to combat racism directly. Gomez uses real actions to fight racism and the violation of people’s civil rights, not mere words. Therefore, we call on you to support the Black Equity Fund, and as always, to not be silent when you see injustice.