Correct and Neutralize All Skin Tones With Nikita Dragun’s Lavender Color Corrector

Dragun Beauty

This is not a drill, Nikita Dragun’s new lavender color corrector is now live on her website and is selling out quickly.
Dragun is a beauty influencer who has grown her brand off of being a top-notch boss who embodies who she is without letting other’s opinions get to her.

Recently she announced on her social media platforms that she was working on a new color corrector, and the internet completely freaked out.


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@dragunbeauty lavender color corrector drops 6/25 😈💜 my iconic dragunfire orange color corrector officially has a new best friend! lavender BRIGHTENS the face and has the most gorgeous effect on ur makeup. i use orange then lavender on top to neutralize my face to be a perfect canvas for foundation / concealer. i promise this is going to change ur makeup game! intentionally when i started my brand i wanted to launch both orange and lavender together… but the lavender formula was unstable… exactly like my life… anyways she is finally ready after YEARS of creating her making her perfect. more makeup TUTORIALS coming soon! i’m so excited i literally use this everyday and now i can finally share one of my biggest beauty SECRETS xo Nikita …ps if ur still reading this …i’m about to be launching a new product every month… U READY ?? 🐲🐉🔥

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Dragun has told fans this product will change their whole makeup game and enhance it all while brightening it as well.

Fans have already started posting the screenshots of their purchase to twitter, so if you want the chance of being recognized by one of the best beauty guru’s make sure to post in on your social media accounts.

Dragun even announced she plans on releasing a new product every month, so make sure to follow her on all her social media platforms to stay informed on her next release. Check out her website here.