New York City Mayor Plans to Install Black Lives Matter Mural Outside Trump Tower

NBC/Gustavo Cabellero

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio contacted the Department of Transportation to discuss the feasibility of installing a Black Lives Matter mural.

Allegedly, New York City Mayor De Blasio plans to memorialize the Black Lives Matter movement with a massive mural in Manhattan, along Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th street. Reportedly, the proposal for a mural was introduced during a June 7 meeting with fellow colleagues Rev Kevin McCall and Gwen Carr. Many people applaud the Mayor for championing Black Lives Matter and regard the proposed installation as a celebration of Black heritage; a creative way to honor the victims of police brutality long after their names disappear from the headlines.

De Blasio’s Office released a powerful statement:

On the other hand, other people perceive De Blasio’s seemingly considerate, laudable project as vindictive and petty, due to his decision to situate the mural directly outside the Trump Tower (which is not exactly a subtle political message). One critic asserted to a NY Post reporter, “Obviously he is doing it to antagonize the president.” Critics label this imminent project a politically charged scheme to bash the President and claim that De Blasio’s personal vendetta against Trump distracts from the central objective: attaining racial equity. Placing the mural in front of Trump Tower arguably makes the mural more about antagonizing President Trump than celebrating Black culture and commemorating the victims of police brutality.

Critics voiced their disapproval.

To date, the likelihood and feasibility of a mural is still being debated. Although De Blasio is determined to see this project through, it remains unclear as to whether it will actually materialize. The prospective Manhattan mural would feature bold, yellow block letters that spell out “Black Lives Matter.”

Hopefully the Mayor’s intentions are pure: to celebrate diversity and commemorate the victims of police brutality, rather than to spite political adversaries.  At face value, this certainly seems like a great message.