Disney’s Live Action ‘Mulan’ Release Date Most Likely Will Be Postponed, Again


The release date for Disney’s live-action Mulan will most likely be postponed, again. Previously, Mulan was originally supposed to be released on March 27, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the release date was initially postponed to July 24.

But the movie theater landscape is currently looking bleak as cinemas around the world are struggling to reopen. With COVID-19 on the rise again in many states, the new release date could be in jeopardy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It wouldn’t be surprising if Disney changes the date, again.

Mulan isn’t the only Disney film that’s been affected by the pandemic. Black Widow, one of the most anticipated MCU films of 2020 was originally supposed to air in May, but is now planning to be released in November of this year. Disney and Pixar’s Onward was released back in March but was pulled from cinemas due to the pandemic. Instead, it was made available for Disney+ subscribers back in April.

Be on the lookout for the latest cinema announcements this summer. If a film is planned to be released in theaters these upcoming months, remember to stay safe and maintain proper social distancing protocols.