Celebrity Roundtable Featuring All Women Offers Candid Conversation on the World Today

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

The all-female roundtable saw a medley of powerful women share their profound thoughts on the world today.

Sitting at the virtual table was a medley of Hollywood legends- Jennifer Aniston, Janelle Monáe, Reese Witherspoon, Zendaya, Helena Bonham Carter, and Rose Byrne- who shared their thoughts on topics ranging from systemic racism to gendered stereotypes in the movie industry.

The women discussed the current political climate and how they’ve responded to the increased momentum behind the Black Lives Matter Movement. Reese commenting “it’s been a time to really dig deep and examine what are you doing in your life and in your business and in your work and really look at those things with new eyes.” Janelle added that for her, now is not a time for retrospection but figuring out how she can “channel her anger”, since “For me and my people, for the Black community, this is not an exciting time… We’re dealing with a lot of trauma.”

Zendaya had some especially candid words about the burden she feels as a Black woman, saying “Now more than ever, specifically with Black Lives Matter and everything, I feel an obligation to make sure that I’m aware and putting out the right things and in line with organizers and people who are on the ground.”

This is a conversation more important than ever, so it’s well worth a read. You can read it in full, here, or watch it above.