Unite With Porsha Williams in Seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor


With a lot of media outlets showing less of the peaceful protests for justice during the Black Lives Matter Movement, Porsha Williams has continued to use her platform to speak up for the injustice going on in America.

Willams is most known for her infamous persona on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Williams is not a stranger to speaking up for what she believes in, and this show proves it with the number of times she had to put someone in their place.

When the Black Lives Matter protests first began, Williams was outraged by the multiple killings of innocent people by police who were facing no repercussions. 

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, Williams decided to use her voice the best way she knows how and posting to her millions of followers to help educate them and fight against the injustice. 

From the beginning, Williams has made it known that she won’t stand for the brutal killings going on worldwide and wants to see change happen immediately.

Although some have stopped protesting, Williams has not given up. She has made it blatantly clear that she won’t give up until she sees real change and Breonna Taylor’s murderers behind bars.

Make sure to keep signing petitions to get Breonna Taylor the justice that she deserves.