Tessa Thompson, Kerry Washington, and Other Celebrities Support Kentucky Voters


To support voters, several celebrities posted information on social media about the voting process in Kentucky, using the hashtag #AllEyesOnKentucky.

On Tuesday, voters formed long lines in Kentucky to cast ballots in their Primary election. Kentucky’s election results will help determine the Democratic and Republican candidates for the next Presidential election, as well as candidates for Senate and local offices. The Kentucky election is especially salient as the winning Democratic candidate for Senate will face off against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November.

Actress Tessa Thompson, the star of the HBO series Westworld, shared advice about absentee voting in Kentucky on Twitter. Thompson then gave instructions regarding voter transportation in Jefferson County and Louisville, the city where Breonna Taylor was killed by police last March.


Kerry Washington also supported Kentucky voters by tweeting a video thanking them for participating in the election, saying “you are in my mind and on my heart.” Washington also reminded voters that they could still vote if they joined the line before 6 PM. 

Gabrielle Union, Ava DuVernay, and Reese Witherspoon posted similar information on Instagram and Twitter to help voters locate voting stations. 

No matter who someone votes for or what district they live in, voter participation is vital to a healthy and just democracy. Hopefully, the information shared by these celebrities has empowered people across Kentucky to exercise their right to vote.