See How Queen Latifah Uses Instagram to Help Fight Racism

Nathan Congleton/NBC

Queen Latifah took to Instagram to teach her millions of followers about racism awareness and the fight for equality.  The Queen herself is using her social media platforms to encourage racial equality. With 5.8 million Instagram followers, the rapper/actress has quite a powerful voice. Following the murder of George Floyd, Latifah posted to her feed saying, “I’m sending love to everyone on the front lines of this fight for equality. And thank you to the family of George Floyd for allowing us to mourn as well as celebrate with you yesterday! We Can’t Take our Foot Off The Gas!” 

On June 10, Latifah posted a video demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, another Black victim of police brutality.  “Donate, protest, petition, and demand #justiceforbreonnataylor. Visit my story for a direct link on how you can help #sayhername.” wrote Latifah. In the video, Breonna Taylor’s mom, Tamika Palmer, tells the story of the unjustified murder of her 26-year-old daughter. “Some days I feel like I can’t breathe without her,” Palmer says. “This should never happen to another family. I am Breonna Taylor’s mother. Say her name.”

Latifah is constantly using her social platforms to demand justice and equality. Days following her video regarding Breonna Taylor, she updated her followers that No-Knock Warrants would be banned, known as the Breonna Taylor’s Act. “Today, we celebrate, tomorrow we get back to work to get these cops fired, arrested, charged and convicted,”  said Latifah.

To keep up with Queen Latifah and her fight for racial equality, follow her on Instagram @queenlatifah.