Read the Transcendent Letter Eve Degbey-Gutierrez, a Black Trans Woman, Wrote to Her Younger Self


Eve Degbey-Gutierrez, a Black trans woman, pens a powerful, poignant letter to her younger self, addressing the current climate of the world.

In the wake of Pride Month and Black Lives Matter, Eve Degbey-Gutierrez pens a proud, passionate, and pain-laced letter to her younger self. Her letter addresses her personal growth and the challenges she continues to face living amid poisonous politics, power abuse, and prevailing prejudice. 

The public expresses its outrage at the failure to address violence against Black women and Black trans women.

The 22-year-old shares refreshingly raw, resilient, and reflective words regarding her experience as a Black trans woman navigating a world often hostile towards members of both the Black and LGBTQ+ communities. Her letter celebrates her tumultuous journey towards self-acceptance and acknowledges the obstacles that endure, along with the people and politics that prevent her from peacefully existing. 

Allies attempt to create awareness and educate others on the systems that contribute to transphobia.

Degby-Gutierrez eloquently exclaims: “…I’m happy yet sorry at the same time to let you know that your life will often resemble the games you used to play during recess in middle school: unreal. But this time, the monsters you’ll be fighting will be very real, and you need to be prepared for that. They won’t throw fireballs; they’ll shoot bullets. They won’t teleport to your home to hurt you; they’ll take a squad car. They won’t cast a spell to trap you in hell; they’ll use an arrest warrant.” 

Members of the Black and LGBTQ+ community demand to be heard.

By appealing to a naïve audience, her confused, wide-eyed younger self, her words are piercing and powerful. How do you explain to an innocent child that, due to arbitrary factors such as race and identity, she will be attacked and antagonized?  How do you explain to an impressionable child that her future eerily resembles the whimsical games she plays; the dodging of danger and the outrunning of malicious monsters is her reality? But when she’s older, the monsters are much more dangerous?

People continue to express their outrage at social inequality and call for change.

We are in awe of Degby-Gutierrez’s bold, brave, and beautiful words. Her words come at a much needed time, a time where we need to be reminded of compassion and acceptance. We also need to remember the hurt and suffering that festers from an absence of them. We applaud Degby-Gutierrez’s grit and hope that people can read her words and champion all lives and condemn all abuse.