Let Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson’s Zoom Surprise Brighten Your Day

ABC/Aaron Poole

If you’re looking for something to warm your heart, you should watch the video of Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson surprising a high school theater group.

On Monday, June 22, Descendants stars Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson jumped on a Zoom call with the Leavenworth High School theater troupe. The troupe put on the very first stage adaptation of the beloved Disney Channel Original Movie series.

The students were in awe when they saw Dove and Sofia’s faces pop up in the middle of their online video chat. The students were definitely not expecting the megastars to join their meeting, let alone seem thrilled to do so.

“I’m looking at every single one of you and I’m finding this to be like the most incredible – I mean this has made my week, my month!” Dove urged, reflecting back the bright smiles on everyone’s faces.

With Dove and Sofia being stars of both the stage and screen, they understand the importance of connecting with not just their cast mates, but with their audience and fans, as well. 

Dove went on to explain how “You have your family, you have your friends, and then a cast is something different.”

Speaking on making connections and having exciting moments like theirs, even amidst a global pandemic, Sofia added, “It’s been a really beautiful thing to see that even though we’ve never been more physically isolated, we’ve also in an incredible way have never been more connected. Look at us, when would we have been able to do this?”

Leavenworth’s theater group may have enjoyed putting on their own live production of Disney’s Descendants, but it is clear that they equally enjoyed chatting with Dove and Sofia (even if through a computer screen).