Lana Condor Is Set to Star in HBO Max’s Rom-Com ‘Moonshot’

Rob Kim/E! Entertainment

Lana Condor is set to star in HBO Max’s romantic comedy, Moonshot.

The film is set on Mars, in a future where the red planet has been colonized by humans. Condor is set to play Sophie, a focused and studious college student, who plans to go to Mars in an attempt to reunite with her boyfriend by secretly sneaking in a space shuttle. Moonshot is set to be directed by Chris Winterbauer, while Max Taxe will be the screenwriter. Previously, Condor was widely praised for playing the heroine in the Netflix romantic comedy, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. She is also set to appear in the last installment of the To All The Boys series: To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean.

Condor expressed her delight at her involvement in the project, saying: “I’ve always had a huge fascination w/ space and space travel and I absolutely cannot wait for this adventure!” Fans expressed their delight in the comments, eager to see the actress in the rom-com/sci-fi movie. 

Looks like Condor has a knack for romantic comedies, and it won’t be surprising if ‘Moonshot’ becomes another instant classic for the genre. Fans can’t wait for Condor’s ‘out of this world’ performance.