Interview: Casey Baer, On Her Latest Single, ‘Make Me Hate U’

Photographed by JSquared

Singer and songwriter, Casey Baer’s latest single, “Make Me Hate U” was born out of a songwriting session with her friend, Annie. Originally written about a boy who kept toying with her feelings, this song was not only cathartic for Casey, it also was her big break on Radio Disney. Casey recently sat down with Glitter to talk about her new single, “Make Me Hate U,” best advice she was ever given, and also how she uses her voice for change. We also love her dream collaborations. We’d be down to see a duet between Casey and Justin. Read on to find out what’s next for this songstress.

GLITTER: What was it like growing up in LA?
CASEY: Growing up in LA like all places has its pros and cons. The weather is amazing, you meet people from all over the world, it’s the land of opportunities in the entertainment world but at the same time, it’s not easy! It seems like everyone is trying to climb the ladder, socially and professionally! It’s nice to just be able to be friends with people you connect with on a personal level and that’s it!! Overall, I love LA!

GLITTER: When did you start writing and making music?
CASEY: I have been keeping a songwriting journal since I was thirteen-years-old, as a way to express myself. Then at 16, I went to a writing retreat with the incredible James Fauntleroy and it was there that I really started to write music.

GLITTER: What was it like playing, the younger version of Sharpay in a rendition of High School Musical at the age of just six-years-old?
CASEY: It was literally the highlight of my six-year-old life! I’ll never forget it!

GLITTER: How would you describe your sound?
CASEY: I would describe my sound as emotional pop with an edge.

GLITTER: Who are your musical influences?
CASEY: My biggest musical influence is Justin Bieber, but I also love Rihanna, Sia, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish to name a few. I could go on!

GLITTER: What is your songwriting process like?
CASEY: My songwriting process is different all the time but one thing that I always do is start with an idea of something I’m currently feeling a situation I’m going through, or a relationship. I play piano, so a lot of my songs have started on the piano, but I’ve recently been learning Logic and love making my own beats. I also love co-writing and that also changes my process depending on who I’m writing with.

GLITTER: What can you tell us about your new song, “Make Me Hate U”?
CASEY: “Make Me Hate U” was inspired by a guy I was hanging out with and really liked. He kept playing with my feelings and one day I wrote in my notes, “Why is he making me hate him”? Then I got together with my friend Annie and we came out of our writing session with “Make Me Hate U”!

GLITTER: What do you hope fans take away from the song after hearing it?
CASEY: I hope fans feel empowered after listening to “Make Me Hate U” to know that they don’t need someone to make them happy, and if they are not happy in a relationship then they should move on!

GLITTER: When and what, would you consider to be your biggest break?
CASEY: Hands down, having “Make Me Hate U” premiere on Radio Disney last month! This has literally been a dream come true!

GLITTER: How does it feel to have over 500,000 music streams on Spotify as a new artist?
CASEY: I feel so grateful to all of my fans for listening to my music! My goal is to continue to make music that helps me connect with as many people as possible, and to make a positive impact on their lives!

GLITTER: What was it like performing at The Whiskey Los Angeles, The Peppermint Club, and Playlist Live?
CASEY: Performing live with my band is my favorite thing to do! Playing at these iconic clubs was surreal. Just knowing all of the incredible bands and solo artists that have performed there was a huge rush for me! Playlist Live was also an incredible experience, this year I had a meet and greet just before my show with hundreds of fans that I had a chance to talk to and hug! (So glad I got to do that before quarantine).

GLITTER: Do you have any cool memories you can share from your career?
CASEY: Last summer, Hollywood Hamilton (who was just inducted into the radio hall of fame) invited me to perform at The New York Music Expo. From that show I was connected to my manager and so many other people and opportunities that came from that weekend!

GLITTER: What would be a dream collaboration for you?
CASEY: Anyone that knows me already can answer this one, Justin Bieber!

GLITTER: Who is your mentor?
CASEY: My parents for sure! They are the most supportive, loving, and passionate people! They allow me and my brothers to follow our dreams and to work hard to reach them!

GLITTER: Best advice you were ever given?
CASEY: The best advice I was ever given is to find your purpose and to enjoy the journey! And don’t stop you until you get what you came for!

GLITTER: How do you use your voice for change?
CASEY: I am passionate about helping children with anxiety! I’m in the process of putting together a program that will allow me to connect with kids and teens and help make a difference in their lives.

GLITTER: Glitter has a Celebrity #SelfLoveCampaign, and we want to know, what’s self-love mean to you?
CASEY: Self-love to me means taking time every day just to let my mind be free of all distractions!

GLITTER: What’s on your playlist right now?
CASEY: “Stuck with You” by Justin & Ariana

Justin Bieber’s Changes album

“Selfish” by Madison Beer

“Daisies” by Katy Perry

“Midnight” by Alesio & Liam Payne

“After Party” by Don Toliver

GLITTER: What’s a day in the life for you like on isolation?
CASEY: I’ve been trying to keep a schedule so I am productive! I’ll have an early breakfast, workout, work on my music, and then take some time to do something fun. I’ve been cooking and baking a lot lately and I’m really loving all the family time watching movies and playing old board games, life and clue are the favs.

GLITTER: Favorite ways to find your Zen?
CASEY: Sit in my room and listen to Justin Bieber with my dog. 🙂

GLITTER: First place you’ll go when isolation ends?
CASEY: New York!

GLITTER: What are your top 5 binge-worthy shows?


Hawaii Five-O



The Office

GLITTER: Sage or Palo Santo?
CASEY: Palo Santo.

GLITTER: Kombucha or Green Drinks?
CASEY: Kombucha, Rose flavor!

GLITTER: Any favorite fashion brands?
CASEY: Superdown and Alice and Olivia.

GLITTER: What’s your skincare ritual like?
CASEY: I keep it simple because I have very sensitive skin.

GLITTER: Any fav products?
My 5 favs are:

CeraVe hydrating facial wash.

Eau Thermale Avène light hydrating cream.

Kiehls rare earth mask.

Laneige lip sleeping mask (I just use it as a lip balm).

EltaMD UV clear broad-spectrum SPF 46 sunscreen.

GLITTER: Any projects you can tell us about that you’re working on next?
CASEY: I’m working on my first EP that will drop in 2020! I can’t wait to share it with everyone!