Celebs Join Forces to Support Congress’s New Justice in Policing Act

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Celebs have joined forces to support a new policing act in the fight for racial equality.

Since George Floyd’s death on May 25th, protestors have been calling for justice and meaningful action to ensure long-term racial equality measures. Now, a plethora of celebrities from the music industry have been joining politicians in signing an open letter endorsing the legislation of the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act”, which aims to address many of the issues regarding systemic racism and brutality in police departments.

Among the 750+ supporters are Lizzo, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and Post Malone. Further signatories like Megan Thee Stallion have also joined forces with record labels such as Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group who are supporting the movement.

The letter explains how this Act “is not about marginal change” but about making “a real, positive difference for law enforcement and the communities they serve.” It goes on to celebrate “the long-overdue rejection of qualified immunity, emphasizing that law enforcement officers themselves are not above the law – that bad cops must be held accountable and victims must have recourse.” The act also vows to “establish a national standard for the operation of police departments,” the message at its core being that “bad cops are held accountable for their actions.”


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Today, Democrats in Congress announced their police reform proposal called “The Justice in Policing Act.” Among other things, the bill would: 🔹Ban chokeholds 🔹Create a national registry of police misconduct 🔹Reform qualified immunity (make it easier for police officers to be sued civilly) 🔹Require states to report any use of force against a civilian to the Justice Department 🔹Condition federal funding on whether or not local law enforcement adopt best practices to discourage profiling 🔹Ban no-knock warrants in drug cases 🔹Limit the transfer of military equipment to state and local law enforcement . What do you think about these bill items? Would you like to see this passed? If so, contact your representative! . . #busyvoter #justiceinpolicing #justiceinpolicingact2020 #congress #democrats #civildiscourse #discussion #policereform #policebrutality #bills #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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It’s a message that stands anytime, so make sure you show your support to help end police brutality once and for all!

You can read the full list of signatories and the letter here.