Rihanna and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Donate $15 Million to Mental Health Services

ABC/Lou Rocco

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to strike, CEO Jack Dorsey and Rihanna have come together to donate 15 million dollars. 

Earlier this year, Jack Dorsey and Rihanna partnered up and donated four million dollars to aid domestic violence victims. The two have opened their checkbooks once again and have pledged 15 million dollars to mental health services amid coronavirus pandemic.

In 2012, the singer created the Clara Lionel Foundation to support and fund groundbreaking and emergency response programs. In a statement made by the foundation, they declared that “even as the majority of states have begun lifting restrictions in recent days, millions of Americans continue to face daunting challenges when it comes to their health, mental, and economic well-being.”

Since the beginning of this pandemic, Rihanna has shown her humanitarian heart and we love it. As Bradley Stern stated, “she’s busy saving the world.”