Join Tamika Mallory at the Kentucky State Capitol in the Fight for Justice for Breonna Taylor


Tamika Mallory will be one of the many activists marching on the Kentucky State Capitol Thursday, marking a hundred days since police murdered Breonna Taylor.

The police involved in Taylor’s murder have not been charged, and the social justice organization Until Freedom is hoping that its march on the Kentucky State Capitol will pressure the government into holding those police officers responsible. Until Freedom aims to alleviate cyclical poverty, inequality, and state violence, and the organization recently created a video endorsed by celebrities such as Willow Smith, Alicia Keys, and Rhapsody explaining what happened to Taylor. Click here to learn more about the video.

“Come stand with Breonna Taylor’s family, friends, Attorneys, activists, organizers, celebrities, and community members,” wrote Mallory on a recent Instagram post. “Justice has not been served. The police involved in Breonna’s murder have not been charged. Be there. Call all of your Kentucky friends. We guarantee this will be a powerful day worthy of our sister Breonna.”

Register at to join the march Thursday, June 25 at 11 a.m. Free buses are available on a first-come-first-serve basis from Louisville to the State Capitol Building in Frankfort.

“This country will remember June 25, 2020, as the day Kentucky bent a little more towards justice,” wrote Mallory on a recent Instagram post.

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