Black Lives Matter Co Founder Melina Abdullah Advocates to Defund the Police in LA


Melina Abdullah marches fearlessly in Los Angeles to share her vision of what public safety should look like in communities.

Co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Melina Abdullah is encouraging her fellow Angelenos to challenge the mayor of L.A. to redistribute the budget of the city to a new vision of public safety.

Abdullah led a discussion at the L.A. Townhall in regards to L.A. Mayor Erc Garcetti’s budget proposal for the 2020-2021 fiscal year, beginning July 1st. As per the budget expenses in the mayor’s presentation, Abdullah is arguing against the amount of funds invested in the police department. Along with many supporters of her movement, Abdullah proposes to reallocate a portion of the budget from LAPD to services that 25,000 Angelenos find more suitable for their community, according to Abdullah’s survey. The survey on city spending revealed that Angelenos preferred to prioritize service funding for healthcare, housing, and a reimaged vision of public safety, which accounts to place professionals who are “making sure people have their needs met,” Abdullah told Spectrum News Channel 1.

Recently, Abdullah was part of Share The Mic Now, a movement on Instagram where celebrities/influencers pass their platform to activists to educate their followers on organizations that are fighting for new reforms to reshape the condition of government. On Chelsea Handler’s Instagram, Abdullah expressed her views on defunding the police in addition to budgeting communities, specifically her current hometown of Los Angeles, a discussion that she has been advocating for at city townhall meetings for weeks.


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