18-Year-Old Andres Guardado Is Slain by Police While Working as a Security Guard

Twitter/The Family of Andres Guardado

In the wake of George Floyd protests, another life is lost to the police.  

After the brutal, baseless murder of George Floyd, a 46-year old Black man who was unlawfully killed by local Minneapolis police after allegedly using a counterfeit bill, the world began to challenge police brutality.  A wave of activism swept over the nation and even inspired protests overseas, beyond the United States. Police brutality and power abuse seemed like universally detested themes.  People began reaching for their wallets and donating to Black Lives Matter organizations, sharing personal anecdotes regarding their intimate experience with microaggressions and systemic racism. They began mobilizing and organizing rallies, exposing peers who remain silent or spout spiteful, poisonous rhetoric to undermine the movement.

The public expresses their outrage in the most recent case.

Although the infamous George Floyd murder occurred nearly one month ago, May 25, and an uproar of activism has ensued, blood continues to be spilled. Unfortunately, despite the collective effort to counter this culture of contempt and the impressive progress that has notably been made, innocent individuals continue to be killed. Recently, an El Salvadorian-American youth Andres Guardado, a security guard for a Los Angeles auto body shop, was unjustifiably murdered by local police. Allegedly, a local officer spotted him outside the shop at night and his darker, non-caucasian complexion was sufficiently incriminating evidence.  Many police officers have been indoctrinated with racist principles, a painfully problematic and perilous mindset prevails that a person of color who is seen walking the streets at night is lurking or looting…guilty of something. 

Andres had a pristine track record, no criminal history and was merely working in the auto body shop to make extra cash while he studied to pursue a career as a mechanic. Andres’ cousin Celina Abarca cried, “he was a baby, he was a baby.”

The public challenges the claim that the security cameras were “broken.”

We stand with Andres’ family and send them love and warmth during this impossible time. We must raise our voices and continue holding police officers accountable, this behavior simply cannot be excused or normalized.