You Have to See How Ludacris Is Working to Educate Today’s Youth About Current Events

Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock

Ludacris has started an educational platform to positively and effectively teach kids about current events through music.

Having started the Ludacris Foundation (which inspires youth to learn, lead and live healthy lifestyles) in 2002 when he was just a rising star, rapper and actor Ludacris is no stranger to philanthropy.

His latest venture, Kid Nation, is still focused around today’s youth, but primarily about educating them in a way that suits their interests. It is a youth-based media platform based around communicating current events through passionate, factual and comprehendible songs.

Ludacris writes the lyrics and melodies, tying in the most important moments of present-day and history, and works with groups of kids to sing them.

While the platform was only set to launch in the fall, he and his business partner, Sandy Lal, have kickstarted some of the content because of the history-making times we are living in.

Kid Nation dropped two optimistic and timely songs on June 11: “Get Along,” which tackles the heavy topic of racial equality and unity, and “Stay Clean,” which focuses on health and safety in and out of our homes.

Because we are in the height of not only Covid-19, but we’re also in the height of a racial divide that is starting to make small, positive changes, and we want to help with that change. We’re trying to ensure the future of children everywhere — of all different races and ethnicities — because we feel like love is the answer. It always will be love. Love trumps hate,” Ludacris told CNN in an interview on June 8.

Ludacris wants young kids to delve into Kid Nation. Hear these songs and enjoy them, while still accepting and learning about the important messages in the lyrics as they sing the memorable tunes again and again.