TikTok Users and K-Pop Fans Take Credit for Inflating Trump Rally Attendance Expectations


Trump’s Tulsa rally was originally predicted to have over 800,000 ticket requests for his first rally amid the COVID-19 pandemic held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The rally was already under scrutiny as COVID-19 continues to spike across the nation as well as for the original date planned for the rally. Trump was planning to hold the rally on June 19th, which is designated as Juneteenth, a holiday to mark the freedom of slaves in Texas who did not know they had been freed until two years after the law was passed. This was seen in poor taste, as Tulsa is also the site of the Tulsa Massacre where over 300 Black people lost their lives when a white mob burned downed the affluent community which included Black doctors, lawyers, and professionals.

He quickly changed the date, and his supporters continued to brag on social media on the numbers of people that reserved seats to Trump’s rally.

Twitter was quick to correct Trump and his team after seeing the low number of attendees which was said to have barely surpassed 6,000 people with videos and images of empty stadium seats, the breakdown of Trump’s overflow stage, and a visibly sparse stadium floor and surrounding outside areas.

The younger generation is using their voice in a unique way and showing it to be powerful and effective. These are the same fans who flooded pro-police, white power, and all lives matter hashtags with information about the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this June.

Gen Z has proven themselves powerful and relentless time and time again. They took to Twitter to celebrate their victory as the “best senior prank…”