Peet’s Coffee Shows Their Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement With Donations

Peet’s Coffee

Check out why Peet’s Coffee is the unsung hero.

The responsible sourcing coffee company, Peet’s Coffee, has applied its ethics beyond the agricultural or alimentary sphere; it proudly and publicly champions Black Lives Matter. In addition to analyzing the conditions where its coffee is grown and processed, Peet’s Coffee has taken a special, and seemingly genuine, interest in the Black Lives Matter Movement.  To date, the company has donated $100,000 to the following Black Lives Matter organizations: Black Lives Matter, NAACP LDF, ACLU, and Hidden Genius Project

A strong, heated debate has been brewing between Peet’s Coffee and Starbucks. Until now, Starbucks has been eerily silent on Black Lives Matter aside from their Black Lives Matter T-shirt.  The monolithic rival coffee company has even undermined racial justice initiatives by initially barring baristas from wearing Black Lives Matter apparel, an initial policy they ultimately reversed.

In contrast to Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks, a $28.2 billion corporation, has played a scanty role in the social justice campaign. In a desperate attempt to thwart public outrage, Starbucks vowed to donate $1 million to various Black Lives Matter organizations, which isn’t a ton for this gigantic coffee company, but it’s a start. We’re hoping they’ll ultimately step up and donate more.

Until then, as ethical consumers who support Black Lives Matter, we are turning our attention, and opening our wallets, to Peet’s Coffee, a seemingly more ethical, guilt-free alternative to Starbucks.