Mark Hamill Voices Pride in John Boyega’s Activism

Vincenzo Lullo/Shutterstock

“The Force” has certainly been strong with Star Wars’ John Boyega these past several weeks. 

Earlier this month, Boyega delivered an impassioned speech to a crowd at a Black Lives Matter protest in London, England. Boyega’s speech received heartfelt praise from not only his London listeners but fans across the globe as well. 

Moreover, Boyega and BLM are feeling the love from the actor’s Star Wars family. The speech has received passionate acclaim from Lucasfilm; the famous Star Wars studio issued a statement asserting their solidarity with Boyega. 

Even Luke Skywalker himself voiced his support of Boyega, tweeting that he has never been prouder of his costar. Hamill even signed the tweet “Dad”, choking up fans everywhere. 

We too are infinitely proud of Boyega for delivering such a magnificent and meaningful speech. We hope that Boyega’s powerful words inspire serious thought, progress, and systemic change.