Listen to Alicia Keys’ New Song ‘A Perfect Way to Die’ and Support Her Demand for Racial Justice

RCA Records

On June 18th, 2020, Alicia Keys released a new song, “A Perfect Way to Die,” which demands an end to the destructive culture of police violence and seeks racial equality.

Keys released the song in honor of Juneteenth, known as Freedom Day, which celebrates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. “A Perfect Way to Die” is sung from a mother’s perspective whose son was killed because of police brutality. Keys sings, “At least you’ll stay forever young / I guess you picked the perfect way to die” and she continues, “A river of blood in the streets / No love in the streets / And then came silence in the city that day, they say / Just another one gone / And they tell her move on.”

Keys originally wrote the song in 2014 in response to the unjust deaths of Sandra Bland and Mike Brown. Unfortunately, the message of the song is relevant to this day. Innocent lives are still lost, and issues such as mass incarceration and racism are on the rise.

Take a listen to Alicia Keys’ new song, “A Perfect Way to Die,” and remember to do everything in your power to dismantle racism and the violation of civil rights.