Demi Lovato Joins Pass the Platform


Demi Lovato is passing her Instagram platform to three young Black activists to continue the momentum of fighting for racial justice and ending police violence.

In a new movement, Pass The Platform, celebrities and influencers allow activists to take over their Instagram to share resources on continuing the Black Lives Matter movement with strong momentum.

The first in the Instagram take over is 20-year-old Nupol Kiazolu, president of Black Lives Matter Greater NY. Kiazolu is also CEO of Vote 2000, a movement dedicated to assisting eligible Americans across the county registered to vote. In Demi Lovato’s story, Nupol Kaizolu asks followers to head over to to assist with creating and enforcing law enforcement reform policies. Such policies include the “I Can’t Breathe Act,” in which states medical attention be provided to anyone in custody displaying medical distress. If any member of law enforcement disregards providing medical attention, the reform states that the officer(s) involved be charged with a class A felony, or if the person in custody dies, the law enforcement officer will be charged with murder.  Head over to Kiazolu’s Instagram to learn how you can support this progressive change.

Demi Lovato is one of the first celebrities to join in on this movement following Natalie Portman, Cara Delevigne, and Ava Phillippe.

As we continue the fight against racial injustice, we continue to learn about how we can assist organizations throughout the country and beyond its borders through movements such as Pass The Platform. Follow the hashtag #passtheplatform on Instagram to listen to the young activists taking over the platform to speak about their organizations.