Bernice A. King Continues to Keep Her Father’s Legacy Alive

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In honor of Father’s Day, Dr. Bernice A. King shared a photo of her revolutionary father, Martin Luther King Jr., as she works to keep his legacy of racial equality alive through non-violent activism and protest.

Dr. Bernice A. King shared a throwback photo of her as a child with her father, along with a heartfelt message expressing the amount of influence her father continues to have on individuals to this day.


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Daddy ‪although I only had you physically for 5 years because an assasin’s bullet cut your life short, you have had a profound impact on the woman and leader that I am today. Your powerful examples of love and revolutionary nonviolence have been a blueprint for my life and the life of so many others around the world. Even in your death, your words and messages continue to inspire and teach us on our journey toward a just, equitible, humane and peaceful world. You were my daddy in life and in so many ways you have been a dad to so many after death. Because of that the dream still lives and your legacy continues. Missing you, your moral leadership and voice greatly in today’s climate. I will continue to represent you and my mom as best as I can for as long as God gives me the breath and strength to do so. ‬HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my revolutionary dad who through a movement changed people and systems. You and so many others before you and with you laid the foundation for Black Lives Matter. This generation has refused to let this nation and world continue to deny that BLACK LIVES MATTER. In your honor and in honor of other father’s and father figures like #ericgarner #walterscott #philandocastille #georgefloyd #rayshardbrooks and countless others we won’t stop until it matters that dignity, justice and equity are a reality for BLACK LIVES. #MLK

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Continuing the legacy of her father, Dr. Bernice King has been part of the Black Lives Movement through The King Center, the organization founded by her mother, Coretta Scott King, in 1968. The King Center has been actively participating in the fight against racial injustice through online protests, promoting a non-violent initiative for those who are not in large cities or who are at high risk for Covid-19. The initiative brings guest speakers, along with Dr. King, to drive real change amid the injustices the nation is facing today.

Dr. King remains focused on the dream that first began with her father. Through her activism, she continues to spread the light of hope for a more just and equal nation. Just as her father believed, Dr. King recognizes that racial injustice goes hand in hand with economic injustice and stresses that we must fight for both.

If you would like to learn more about The King Center or volunteer to help, click here.