Snapchat Apologizes for Offensive Juneteenth Filter


Did you see Snapchat’s controversial Juneteenth filter before its removal?

The monolithic media app Snapchat launched an extremely inappropriate, unpopular filter on Friday, June 19, to commemorate Juneteenth. The Juneteeth-inspired filter featured virtual chains that the user was prompted to break via a “smile.”  Although possibly benign in nature, this filter makes light of an extremely weighty matter: racial injustice. 

The public was quick to criticize the controversial filter and denounce the company’s obtuse insensitivity and distressing tone deafness.

Fortunately, Snapchat absorbed the criticism and swiftly removed the distasteful filter.  

At present, the company claims to be investigating the creation of the filter.

Juneteenth is a day for reflection and education; hopefully, Snapchat can learn and grow from its inappropriate actions, and we, as ethical consumers, can continue to recognize and call out callous, problematic behavior.