Self-Care: During a Time of COVID-19 + Protests, It’s Okay If You Have to Hit Pause, in Fact, You Should

As if things were not already stressful with the entire planet bracing for the COVID-19 pandemic, at home on forced isolation as we watch our news feeds fill with hundreds of media posts as well as friends and family who may have fallen ill or passed away. We were then hit with the devasting video of the four officers who killed and/or contributed to the death of George Floyd when they kneeled on his neck and body for over 8 minutes. We then saw the news play out as protests, infiltrators sparking chaos, fires and looting filled the news channels. Some of us were able to get out into the streets to protest George Floyd’s death as none of the officers were immediately arrested, demanding charges be brought, while some of us used our social media platforms for activism to call out the tragic death of another Black man killed by the police and caught on camera.

With so many names of unarmed Black men and women entering the news cycle such as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arberry, and George Floyd, it became the last straw for many, as all 50 states came out to protest from all backgrounds.

It’s an understatement to say we are tired and exhausted. If you are Black, not only do you have to deal with listening to this news cycle, but you are forced to experience it day by day; the fear of not knowing if you might be next when it comes to police brutality. It’s outright traumatic. From dealing with microaggressive behavior at school, work, and in public, to just having to survive during an already stressful pandemic, it’s okay to take some time to switch off, breathe, and reset.

Even if you take 30 minutes per day to shut down, breathe, practice a simple yoga routine, listen to calming music, or meditate, it can help to calm your nervous system, your mind and refuel you for what’s ahead of you the next day. We have to remember that COVID-19 is still out there, despite many states opening up. So remember to do your best to protect yourself by wearing a mask when directly around other people, continue to social distance, boost your immune system with as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible including ginger, leafy greens and citrus fruits for vitamin-C. Remember to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water as it also flushes out toxins.

Shutting down to remind your body that you are in control is so necessary. Our nervous systems are fragile and just a little bit of self-care each day can counter some of the deeply sad and devastating news we are seeing and experiencing.

Focus on the positives. Fewer people are getting sick and dying from COVID-19. Reform is happening across our globe to better the lives of everyone through hundreds of organizations supporting #BlackLivesMatter. If we focus on the negative, it will stress out both our body and mind including our immune systems. Even when fighting for humanity and what’s right, it’s important to look at it from a positive view, rather than a negative one. The death of George Floyd was beyond words, but like his daughter, Gianna stated, “Daddy changed the world.” We are going to be okay.

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