Katherine Langford Stars in Netflix’s New Medieval Show ‘Cursed’


The teaser trailer for Katerine Langford’s new Netflix TV show ‘Cursed’ is here. The one minute clip is already packed with full of surprises. Previously, Langford has played Hannah Baker, the main lead in Netflix’s hit series ’13 Reasons Why’, a show set in modern times that focused on serious themes like suicide and depression.

‘Cursed’ allows viewers to see Langford in a different light. She’s set to play Nimue, a woman with hidden abilities who’ll eventually turn into the Lady of the Lake. The show is set in the world of King Arthur where Nimue’s goal is to fight off villains and complete quests with the help of friends, all in medieval style.

In the teaser trailer, Langford narrates the story’s plot and conflict.

“They came while we slept, to cleanse the world of our kind,” she says. “Because we’re different. Because magic runs through us. Because we have what they want. Legend said, this sword belongs to the one true king. But what if the sword chooses a queen?”

The 10-episode series is dropping on July 17th, and you don’t want to miss the magic of the Arthurian legend.