Check Out ColourPop’s New Tie Dye Eyeshadow Collection!

ColourPop has released their latest collection, and it’s sure to please!

The famed makeup brand showed up with their Tie-Dye Collection. The selection consists of the Palette Vault Trio, featuring 3 brand new pastel 9-pan palettes, Créme Gel Liner set with 6 pastel eyeliners, 2 new Super Shock Highlighter Compacts, a Glitterally Obsessed Gel, SOL Body Dry Shimmering Oil in Rainbow Glow, and Fourth Ray Beauty Coconut Face Milk. The set is cruelty-free.

Priced at a $98 value, each pastel compilation has vibrant shades of pink, purple, yellow, white, light brown, and blue. Flat and firmer brushes provide the best look with these colors, while bigger and fluffier brushes make for good blending. Small, angled brushes make for the best-defined lines.

Fans of the trademarked company were excited to hear about the new compilation; some people were elated to add the palette to their home library.

Fans online also speculated as to how the colors would show on darker skin tones, as most pastel colors have a tendency to not show on darker skin.

Currently, the collection is sold out, but those who are still eager to purchase can submit their email address for updates on the next stock.