Nikkie de Jager Will Recreate Fans’ Pride Makeup in New Video


Nikkie de Jager will be recreating some of her fans’ Pride makeup looks in a new YouTube video coming soon. 

De Jager recently released her first-ever virtual collaboration, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 runner-up, Crystal Methyd. De Jager is working on more videos for Pride month, recently giving fans a sneak peek of a new rainbow-colored backdrop to her Instagram story and asking fans to submit their pride makeup looks.  

“I know I asked you guys to send me your pride looks so I could recreate one,” said de Jager in a recent Instagram story. “I didn’t ask you to completely slay my life with your talent. Oh my god. The thread on Twitter. Iconic. So much rainbow talent.”

In the YouTube video titled “Crystal Methyd Transforms Me Into Nikkie Methyd,” Methyd gave de Jager a tutorial on how to recreate Methyd’s iconic drag makeup through video call. Methyd talks about how she became a drag queen and her experience on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“I really love doing things my parents tell me not to do,” said Methyd in the YouTube video. “I had just recently come out to my parents. I was watching Drag Race season 7 on TV and my mom saw it and was like ‘ew.’ I was like, ‘I’m going to do drag to spite my mom,’ and I just started practicing in my room late at night… and then I’d go on Periscope… and talk to random people [in drag].”

Methyd discussed how close all the queens from season 12 were and how they all provided support to each other during quarantine. Methyd also revealed that the first makeup tutorials she ever watched were those made by de Jager. 

De Jager hinted at the possibility of a future video where she teaches Methyd how to recreate de Jager’s signature makeup, transforming Methyd into Crystal Tutorials. 

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