John Legend Inspires With New Album ‘Bigger Love’ and Speaks Out on George Floyd

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Singer John Legend gets personal during his Sunday TODAY interview with Willie Geist, discussing George Floyd’s death and his new album ‘Bigger Love’.

Legend began his interview by sharing his thoughts on the video of George Floyd’s death; specifically, how it affected him personally. He expressed his feelings by putting himself and his family members in George Floyd’s shoes.

“We do see our family members when that happens,” Legend explains. “I’ve talked to so many of my friends about that video — the George Floyd video… And what they’ve said to me is, ‘What you have to understand, Willie, is that I see myself under that officer’s knee. I see my dad under that officer’s knee.’”

He added, “Well, we do see our family members when that happens… My younger brother has a son, who’s 19 or 20-years-old, and I could see him in moments like that having a misunderstanding with officers… I worry for him. I worry for, particularly once they hit a certain age and their body is deemed as threatening to other people, they could experience that.” Legend is well known throughout social media as a family man, hence why a situation such as George’s must have hit close to home for him.

After sharing his own take on the rampant injustices in this world, he mentioned his album ‘Bigger Love’, which is set to be dropped Friday, June 19th, and hoped it might offer some “relief” to those affected.


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I’m so excited to introduce my new album #BiggerLove to the world. Here’s the album cover painted by brilliant artist @charlylpalmer. Swipe for the track list, including my amazing featured guests. This project has been a labor of love for me, something I’ve spent over a year conceiving and creating. I poured my heart and soul into these songs and collaborated with some incredibly gifted co-writers, producers and musicians. The songs are inspired by the loves of my life: my wife, my family and the rich tradition of black music that has made me the artist I am. All of these songs were created prior to the world being rocked by a pandemic, prior to the latest police killings in the U.S. that sent so many to the streets in protest. During these painful times, some of us may wonder if it’s ok to laugh or dance or be romantic. Lately, the images of black people in the media have been showing us with knees on our necks, in mourning, or expressing our collective outrage. We feel all those emotions. But It’s important for us to continue to show the world the fullness of what it is to be black and human. Through our art, we are able to do that. This album is a celebration of love, joy, sensuality, hope, and resilience, the things that make our culture so beautiful and influential. I’m under no illusion that music can save the world or solve the world’s problems, but I’ve always turned to music to help me through tough times and I know many of you have done the same. That’s why I couldn’t wait to release this album to the world. I debuted in 2004 with an album called Get Lifted. And now, as we enter the summer of 2020, I hope this new album can get you lifted again, fill your hearts with love and inspiration, give you something to dance to, something to hold hands to, something to make love to. A week from today, on June 19, I invite you to experience a #BiggerLove.

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While this album was created prior to Floyd’s death, Legend believes this project can “get you lifted again. fill your hearts with love and inspiration, give you something to dance to, something to hold hands to, something to make love to.”

If you find you simply cannot wait any longer for this exciting and much needed new album, check out some sneak peaks Legend has blessed us with to tide yourself over until its release.