Halsey Drops ‘Manic’ Bonus Track: ‘Wipe Your Tears’


The song, titled ‘Wipe Your Tears’, was leaked by the singer on her Twitter account.

No one can say Halsey hasn’t been busy these past few weeks. From giving medical attention to protesters to supporting Black creatives, the singer has given her all to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and combat racial injustice.

However, on June 14th, Halsey logged onto Twitter with another purpose. In honor of Pride Month, she shared with fans the song ‘Wipe Your Tears’, a bonus track for her latest album, Manic. A soft pop song, ‘Wipe Your Tears’ features Halsey singing about another girl, believing she is her other half and swearing to stay by her side through thick and thin.

A previous edition of the track had been released earlier in the Japanese edition of Manic. When fans began comparing the two, Halsey shared that there are three versions of ‘Wipe Your Tears.’ Despite many people asking for her to reveal the third one, she was reluctant to release it, claiming she might get in trouble as the track included a mysterious featured singer.

Hopefully, Halsey will someday share the third and final version of ‘Wipe Your Tears’, preferably before fans die of curiosity. Still, an exclusive and wonderful song leaked by Halsey herself is a pretty epic way to celebrate Pride Month.

Listen to Halsey’s ‘Wipe Your Tears’, available above. While you’re at it, make sure to also support Halsey’s latest project to help Black creators: you can click here to learn more about it.