Black Lives Matter Global Network Launches $12M Grant Fund

Johnny Silvercloud /

In its latest efforts to squash systemic racism once and for all, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has established a fund of over $12 million. 

This whopping sum was raised by the generous donations of benefactors. The fund will benefit organizations dedicated to fighting institutional racism. $6 million of the fund will be used to aid Black-led grassroots organizations. The additional $6.5 million will fund affiliate chapters of Black Lives Matter. 

The foundation received over $1 million of this fund from donations made in response to George Floyd’s death. Although some of these donations were large, the average donation was $33.

The BLM Global Network Foundation will begin lending financial support to its affiliates on July 1st. The organization currently has sixteen active BLM chapters throughout the United States.

So what does this mean for the future of BLM? Activists everywhere are optimistic. This fund could help make progress in the movement.