Ashley Tisdale’s Fans Just Brought a Smile to Everyone’s Face

Terence Patrick/CBS

If you’re looking for something to instantly brighten your mood, you have to check out the video that Ashley Tisdale’s fans made for her.

On May 29, Ashley Tisdale released a new song titled “Lemons,” which is an upbeat, alt-pop track that Ashley herself wanted to put into the world to brighten people’s day during these unsettling times.

Fans, known as Tizzies, immediately wanted to do something to not only help promote the song but to show their adoration for it. 

As they were beginning to get together to create something for the track, the anniversary of the passing of the actress and singer’s beloved dog came around.

Ashley herself has called her late-pup, Maui, her soulmate, so her passing last June was a startling one to say the least.

Tizzies from around the world then decided to come together to be there for Ashley and her husband, Christopher French, this week, while still including something about ‘Lemons.’

Fifty fans shot clips of them lip-syncing to the new song and edited them together into a cheerful fan-shot music video made just for Ashley.

Not only did the star see the video, but she reposted it on all of her social media platforms praising them for their effort and for bringing some light into an already dark week.

This put a huge smile on my face, I can’t thank you guys enough! I love you all and your support helps me through everything,” Ashley wrote in her caption with a heart.

With everything going on right now, it’s great to see people coming together even for the smaller moments in life and to be able to say that the effort went unnoticed is an even more beautiful thing.