Watch Big Time Rush Reunite for an Acoustic Performance of ‘Worldwide’

Big Time Rush reunited for a special acoustic performance of their hit song, “Worldwide.” Due to COVID-19, the former band members recorded their vocals in the comfort of their own homes. Kendall Schmidt recorded his vocals in Sherman Oaks, California while Carlos PenaVega recorded in Maui, Hawaii. James Maslow is in Venice Beach and Logan Henderson resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although the vocals were recorded separately, fans were still thrilled and are hoping the former band will get back together soon. A few weeks ago, the former group hinted to fans that they’re working on something special together, and with the special acoustic performance of “Worldwide” just yesterday, fans are convinced the band might reunite soon.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and hope this performance is foreshadowing the group will be an official band once again.