Take a Look at How Brenda Song Is Supporting Black Communities During Immigrant Heritage Month

Scott Angelheart/NBC

Through the ‘I Am An Immigrant’ initiative and her own social media, Brenda Song is supporting, celebrating, and making sure that the Black community is receiving all the support they can get.

This month has been a rollercoaster of events and emotions, but Brenda Song is reminding us that June is still Immigrant Heritage Month and that there are ways to honor immigrant families and people of color now more than ever.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, June 16, the actress posed in an “I stand with immigrants” t-shirt as part of the I Am An Immigrant campaign.

To Black immigrants, families and allies: This #ImmigrantHeritageMonth, we celebrate your… strength, love, traditions, and community,” Brenda included in her caption.

The initiative was built around the idea of sharing stories of immigrants past and present to showcase their similarities, differences, and overall strength.

In a statement from the @IAmAnImmigrants Instagram page, they wrote that “[Immigrant Heritage Month] is already in motion, but we will be showing up more intentionally this month, and urging our partners to do the same, in support of the rallying cry, growing louder and more organized every day, that Black lives must be valued and protected.”


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Like many, Brenda has been looking for changes to be made when it comes to racial justice and equality, but she is also looking to bring attention to Black and immigrant families who have lives to be celebrated and stories to be told this month and every other month.