Rapper J. Cole Takes Center-Stage in Black Lives Matter Movement With New Track ‘Snow on Tha Bluff’


Acclaimed artist, J. Cole, continues to support Black Lives Matter and condemn systemic racism.

We are singing J. Cole’s praises after hearing the artist’s introspective track “Snow on Tha Bluff.”  He passionately raps, “F*** a retweet,’ most people is sheep/You got all the answers but how you gon reach?”  He encourages racial justice advocates to engage in challenging, yet fruitful discussions with Black Lives Matter adversaries. Cole pushes people to do more than “Tweet” or virtue signal on social media; he encourages alleged allies to “reach” and search for more meaningful, dynamic ways to propel the movement.

His piercing, powerful, and poignant words truly hit different. The rapper echoes his support for racial equity.

J. Cole ends his powerful song on a high note, “Fill me up with wisdom and some courage/Plus endurance to survive help mine thrive.”  He encourages fans to keep him grounded, he welcomes criticism and implies that he will continue to educate himself and grow. Cole solicits fans to join the movement and voice their support for racial justice.

In addition to creating passionate, meaningful work that addresses the poisonous political climate, J. Cole has attended rallies and walked with protestors. This talented rapper’s overt, bold backing of Black Lives Matter is music to our ears. We are certainly singing the same tune as J. Cole, the song for change and racial equity. 

Other prominent rappers sound like a broken record, touting loyalty to Black Lives Matter on social media platforms.  We encourage all celebrities to utilize their platform and champion Black Lives Matter: Start singing for justice and show us that you champion your Black fans too.