Monsta X Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement During Time 100 Performance

EPIC/Dennis Leupold

K-pop icons Monsta X spoke out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement during their Time 100 Talks performance.

“As U.N. ambassadors for sustainable Goal 16 we stand for peace and justice,” rapper I.M stated, “As such we have supported Black Lives Matter activism, and we believe that it’s time to acknowledge the issue and fix it.” Goal 16 references to the United Nations’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goal initiatives to impact global issues like poverty and discrimination.

The band also addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and thanked essential service workers for their hard work during this time. “In addition, with this COVID-19 going around a long time, we truly appreciate and respect all the medical workers and related staff who are sacrificing themselves during this difficult period,” singer Kihyun said, while vocalist Minhyuk told fans, “Please take care, stay positive and we believe that we can, and we’ll get through this together.”

The sextet performed two songs — ‘FLOW’ from their recently released EP Fantasia, produced by rapper Joohoney, and ‘Someone’s Someone’ from their first English album, ALL ABOUT LUV. Check out the two performances below.

Shownu, the leader of the group, concluded the message by sending love to their passionate fanbase, “We love you Monbebe, and we pray for peaceful days of love, justice, and health.”

It’s good to see and hear international music groups using their platforms to stand up for both racial injustice and a universal pandemic.