Lil Nas X Asks Nicki Minaj to Hop on His Latest Track

Tanima Mehrotra/Columbia Records

On June 17, Lil Nas X commented on Nicki Minaj’s twitter post, claiming he had a new song he wanted her to be featured on.

Lil Nas X first stepped into the spotlight after his song “Old Town Road” broke the internet. The song has now surpassed Mariah Carey’s record of the longest-running number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

When we were first introduced to Lil Nas X, Minaj’s fans, the Barbs, claimed Lil Nas X used to own a fan account on twitter.

Lil Nas X denied the allegations made by the Barbs. It wasn’t until last night that Lil Nas X reached back out to Nicki Minaj.

Shortly after asking Minaj to hop on his song, the Barbs asked him why he denied being a fan of hers, and he quickly responded.

Minaj has now tweeted out a response to Lil Nas X, expressing her feelings towards him denying being a fan of hers, but congratulates him for speaking his truth.

If you want to see a collaboration between the two artists, make sure to tweet out to them expressing your interest. For now, all we can do is wait and hope for the best.