Discover How Actress Candice Patton Advocated for Black Women on CW Shows


The Flash actress is fighting for fair treatment of Black women on CW shows and beyond the network.

Candice Patton has developed a strong fan base over the years for her role as Iris West-Allen, but she has also had to deal with online harassment and threats since taking the role.

On June 15, The CW Network released a statement vowing to make their social pages safe and free of harassment for fans and talent. However, fans were quick to speak about how The Flash actress has been attacked with racist comments over the last six years, and that they should’ve taken action sooner. The CW Network has not released a statement in response to the harassment Patton has received.

Patton has been very outspoken about the criticism she has received over the years and vows that she will be okay with receiving criticism if it means that more women of color won’t experience it later. Patton has been using her platform and her voice on speaking the truth, advocating for change, and trying to educate people on how Black women are undervalued in television.

Back in February of 2019, Patton was joined with other CW stars on the Screen Queens panel hosted by Pop Sugar. The ladies discussed overcoming hate and how she inspired Riverdale actress Ashleigh Murray to face criticism positively.

While it wasn’t easy at first, Patton says it got better eventually and that people are finally embracing her as Iris West. “What’s great is that in years to come, people will remember Iris West as being African American.”

Patton continues to advocate for diversity within the acting community, and this is one step in fighting for Black women in television to be treated equally.