Actress Viola Davis Forms a ‘Tiny but Mighty’ Black Lives Matter Protest

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Find out how Viola Davis is safely supporting Black Lives Matter amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

ABC/Eric McCandless

Our favorite leading lady Viola Davis is standing center-stage in the Black Lives Matter movement and paving the way for fellow Hollywood actors and actresses. In the wake of George Floyd anti-police brutality protests, Davis joined fellow Black top-liners Octavia Spencer and Yvette Nicole Brown for a ‘Tiny but Mighty’ corner protest in Studio City, Los Angeles.  Due to the prevailing fear of COVID-19 and the pre-existing health conditions that bar vulnerable individuals from participating in large-scale demonstrations, Davis promoted inclusivity and facilitated an intimate corner protest with fellow Black stars. 

Fellow actress Octavia Spencer, although politically passionate and outspoken, has been reluctant to attend Black Lives Matter protests due to her severe Diabetes and sensitive living situation (she is the primary caregiver for her elderly father). This ‘Tiny but Mighty’ rally enabled Spencer to champion the racial justice campaign without compromising her health. 

Viola Davis reminds fellow women of color of their worth.

Viola Davis is a long-time ally of Black Lives Matter; her eloquent 2015 Emmy acceptance speech addressing women of color in Hollywood is permanently inked into our skulls.  She exclaimed, “Let me tell you something: the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”  Her powerful, poignant words resonated with many fellow Black starlets and exposed the harsh reality of niche castings and the scarcity of leading roles for women of color. 

Throughout the years, Viola Davis has remained an outspoken advocate for women of color and has opened up about the “rage and pain” she endures daily for simply existing as a Black woman in society.  She has bared harsh truths regarding women of color vying for leading roles in a predominantly white space, Hollywood, where diversity is rarely celebrated and paramount roles and Emmys are mechanically awarded to her white, cookie-cutter counterparts. 

We applaud the Hollywood actress’s central role in Black Lives Matter and hope that her participation will inspire fellow actors to join the movement.