Halsey Launches a Black Creators Funding Initiative to Give a Voice to Black Artists


Halsey recently announced she will be launching a Black Creators Funding Initiative to amplify the voices of artists who were silenced for too long and subjected to discrimination in the art industry.

Halsey is not only actively protesting on the streets of Los Angeles in honor of George Floyd, but she is also treating protesters who were victims of police brutality. On June 11, Halsey said that she would “give funds, resources, and a platform to Black creators” with her #BlackCreatorsFund Initiative.

Halsey wants to share her platforms with Black creators and artists, which would give them a large audience of 12.8 and 20.2 million people on Twitter and Instagram.

Halsey’s followers were quick to reply to her new initiative and responded to her more than 1,600 times. Take a look at some of the artists’ tweets.

Halsey will have to choose from hundreds of talented Black makeup artists, painters, cosplayers, singers, graphic designers, writers, photographers, entrepreneurs and cinematographers.

There are so many talented individuals and we believe that everyone should receive recognition for their hard work and talent. Halsey will announce the first gift recipients on June 18. Please continue to view and support the Black artists who responded to the hashtag by liking their posts.