Check Out How Rachel Zegler Is Using Her Voice to Support and Educate Anyone Who Needs It


With her newfound following, actress Rachel Zegler has been advocating for Black Lives Matter, people of color, sexual assault survivors, and the LGBTQ+ community now more than ever.

Since being cast in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (set to release this December), Rachel Zegler has been using her ever-growing platform to be a voice for the people – all people.

The singer-songwriter has been a powerful force on social media, urging her followers to sign petitions for unjust racial violence victims, donate to the right Black Lives Matter-supporting organizations, and learn the facts about events happening in our world before simply becoming a bandwagon activist.

Like many of us, Rachel wants justice for Breonna Taylor and continues to speak up on how to do so, including phone numbers, inspiring graphics, and appropriate information to spread.

She has been researching outlets as well, making a call to RAINN herself (an anti-sexual assault organization with a hotline for survivors) to check and see how “legit” and beneficial they are before promoting it on her Twitter.

The 19 year-old is honest with her followers time and time again, even going as far to admit that she limited the comments on one of her posts in order to protect those who may read them and be hurt or take offense to other people’s words.

From singing as Maria on the big screen in West Side Story to covering Ariana Grande in social media videos to speaking up for what she believes in every chance she gets, it is clear that Rachel Zegler is one of the greatest vocalists of our generation.