Asha Bromfield Reveals More ‘Riverdale’ Racism on Instagram Live With Lili Reinhart


Vanessa Morgan isn’t the only Black actress who experienced the horrors of racism on Riverdale.

Asha Bromfield played the role of the Pussycats drummer, Melody Valentine, on The CW’s television adaptation of the Archie Comics hit drama series Riverdale. Per Stylecaster, former co-star Lili Reinhart invited Bromfield to talk about her experience with racism as a member of the cast on Instagram Live.

Bromfield pulls back the curtain saying, “In one breath, being a part of [Riverdale] was the most profound, historic, exciting thing for me as a Black actress, and on the other end, it was devastating.” She delves deeper: “We stand in the background and we have a lot of attitude, or we don’t talk. Or, we’re only included when we are uplifting white characters.”

The star shares a similar description of former co-star Vanessa Morgan’s experience on the show. “I’m so much more, and Black people are so much more, than support systems.” she exclaims. “It becomes toxic messaging when we are perpetuating this idea that there’s any less validity to my own life than yours, that my sole purpose in this world is to support someone who looks like you.”

Riverdale fans did not take kindly to the creator, writer, and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s apology.


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Fans openly professed their views on Twitter.

One fan notes that the apology would have never been given if left to his own devices.

“It’s so much bigger than Riverdale. It’s a bigger conversation about how we are humanizing Black people on screen in all capacities,” Bromfield preaches.


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Bromfield is an actress, singer, and author. She has also starred in other television series, including What’s Up Warthogs!, Degrassi: The Next Generation and The Gabby Douglas Story. You can watch the multi-talented star now on the horror-fantasy series Locke & Key on Netflix, and read her soon to be released novel Hurricane Summer.

You can get the full scoop of Asha Bromfield’s Instagram Live confession with Lili Reinhart on Stylecaster here.