Ariana Grande Stands Against Starbucks


If you’re scrolling through pictures of Ariana Grande, you’re likely to find an image or two of the starlet proudly donning a Starbucks cup in her hands.

To say that Grande has had a “love affair” with the popular coffee chain is an understatement. Just last year, Starbucks launched an Ariana Grande-inspired “Cloud Machiatto,” which the pop icon proudly promoted on her socials.

But Grande is not one to put java over justice. Last week, Starbucks instated troubling new policies that banned employee support of Black Lives Matter within their shops.

Grande, who has been an ardent supporter of Black Lives Matter, has consequently taken a step back from her favorite frappe franchise. Although Starbucks has since lifted its ban on employees’ use of BLM paraphernalia, Grande’s fans still noted that the once-brand-ambassador no longer follows the franchise on social media.

Although Grande has not publicly commented on this, she recently shared an Instagram story supporting local LA coffee shop Nimbus Coffee.

We are glad to see Grande sticking to her strong moral values. Her continued solidarity with Black Lives Matter sends a powerful message to consumers everywhere.