Meet Patrick Hutchinson, the Hero That Carried a Protestor to Safety


Patrick Hutchinson is the activist that valiantly carried and safeguarded a protester through a London protest.

There is no doubt that people across the globe are coming together to support Black Lives Matter. During a protest on June 13th in London, Patrick Hutchinson, along with his friends, acted on instinct and helped bring a man to safety as they were marching in support of Black Lives Matter.


Violence erupted during the June 13th protests in London as protestors for Black Lives Matter met with far-right groups. When Hutchinson saw a man in a fetal position guarding himself from blows, he immediately thought of bringing this man to safety with the help of his friends. “I am carrying him, my friends are protecting myself and the man on my shoulder. He was still receiving blows, you can feel people trying to hit him,” Hutchinson told CNN, “we are all one race.” Hutchinson paid no regard to the man’s political stance or the color of his skin.

Hutchinson’s name has been trending across social media platforms as many people across the globe are recognizing his heroic gesture to eliminate racism.  You can read more about Patrick Hutchinson’s valorous act of equality at the London protest here.