Listen to These Powerful Podcasts About Black Lives Matter


If you’re searching for new ways to propel the Black Lives Matter movement or to educate yourself and others, be sure to check out these powerful podcasts.

This is not a moment, this is a movement. We are living in a time where Black voices are belittled, silenced by powerful people that flaunt fancy badges and big titles.  In order to erase this culture of contempt, it is essential to empower Black voices and ensure that power-corrupt police officers are held accountable for their spiteful, unacceptable actions.

Many pro-diversity, pro-feminism, pro-LGBTQ podcasts have surfaced in response to this culture of contempt and bigotry.

In the wake of Pride month and Black Lives Matter protests, many Black activists, active in both spheres, the queer and Black community, have produced political podcasts to propel their cause and create awareness. These podcasts are an incredibly illuminating, instructive tool that enables allies, who may not personally identify with either cause, to better understand these struggles and in turn to offer more intimate, meaningful support. 

Here are some popular podcasts at the intersection of Pride month and the Black Lives Matter movement: 

  1. AfroQueer Podcast 
  2. Queer WOC 
  3. Nancy 
  4. The Heart

Here are some additional podcasts that address racial injustice:

  1. Higher Learning 
  2. Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air 
  3. Code Switch 

Our eyes are tired from reading harrowing headlines. Our hearts are heavy from loss, from seeing Black Americans massacred. Our hands are tired from writing these appeals, drafting petitions, and demanding that all bodies are celebrated and regarded as human beings. Our voices are hoarse from shouting at protests, striving to be heard. The only minority destroying America is the rich, white patriarch.  We demand racial equity now. Listen to these podcasts to spread awareness and combat this climate of racism.