‘Learn to Fly’ With the Surfaces’ New Single

Grace Quinn

Just in time for the weekend, a new single you need to queue! The music duo Surfaces are here with their new single ‘Learn to Fly’, a beautiful song featuring Elton John.


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‘learn to fly’ with elton john. out now ☀️

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“Learn to Fly’ is the perfect new addition to your playlist. Fun, groovy, and full of good vibes, Surfaces waited for just the right time to release this new single.

From an examination of our world today, through a fight for justice, the duo take to twitter to say, “We decided to hold this song back to create room for the much-needed information being shared on social media right now… from the beginning we just wanted this song to be a breath of optimism for those who need it… and from the bottom of our hearts we hope this song will be a source of encouragement now more than ever.”

Elton John and Surfaces are seeking out to be just a little light in a dark season. The lyrics seem to center around one idea:

All the broken people put your hands high/If you lift ’em up, you might just touch the sky/All the lonely people put your hands up high/If you loosen up, you might just learn to fly.

The song highlights ‘lonely people’, and how if you just let go, you may learn to fly. Elton John sings about how when times get tough, we’ve always got one thing to lean back on: Love.

What a fitting idea for the past few weeks. From social media movements to families, friends and communities, ‘Learn To Fly’ embodies how we should all be living through each and every challenge the days may bring us.

You can now stream this new groovy and uplifting single on all platforms.