Customers Are Upset With Whole Foods After the Firing of an Outspoken Worker


Whole Foods

A Whole Foods staffer demanded that policemen pay for their actions, and was swiftly fired after calling for the suspension of free food to law enforcement.

Employee Megan Murray, 22, was promptly fired after criticizing her Philadelphia store, via scathing social media posts, for providing free meals to police officers in the wake of George Floyd protests. The Philadelphia store shares a building with a local police station and provided police officers with free food and water during recent anti-police brutality protests.

Despite working at the Philadelphia store for approximately two years, Murray was swiftly dismissed from her well-established position after her provocative posts surfaced.  The company vehemently denied that her dismissal was at all connected to her posts (they allegedly have a zero-tolerance policy for retaliation) and claimed that the firing was prompted by a “major infraction” that they were unable to cite.

Murray maintains that the firing was retaliatory in nature; a punishment for her political activism and public condemnation of the store’s actions. In addition to her posts regarding the store’s alleged allegiance to police officers (the perpetrators of recent hate crimes) rather than Black Lives Matter peaceful protestors, she has also criticized working conditions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Megan Murray is not alone; another politically active Whole Foods worker was recently fired.

We are watching Whole Foods closely and hope that this locally sourced, organic, and plant-based produce provider is acting ethically beyond the alimentary sphere.