Support Black-Owned Businesses Like Bekura Beauty

Support Black-owned businesses and shop this artisan spa line for all your favorite products. 

Founded in 2011 by Rashida Jefferson, Bekura Beauty is a line of spa-naturals aimed to revitalize dry skin and hair. In an interview with Everything She Wants, Jefferson explained that she wanted to create a spa collection that was inspired by her love for traveling and “getting pampered by destination jobs.”

Jefferson refers to her products as “indulgent spa treats” for people with textured hair. Each beauty item is crafted with “authentic, concentrated ingredients such as pure cocoa absolutes, vanilla bean infusions, and even premium whiskey!”

The brand is packed with a variety of hair masks, hair milk, soaks, nourishers, and even bath soak powders.

Showing your support for Black-owned businesses is important to create a united relationship among people of all different races. Shopping from companies like these will not only put your money to good use, but you’ll be treating yourself to some amazing products!