While Fighting For Change, Don’t Forget About Self-Care


We’ve seen protests, we’ve seen pain, but most importantly we’ve seen people come together for Black Lives Matter.

While fighting to create a life of renewed, and long-lasting change it can be hard to keep up with the world. It is important to take a step back and remember to take care of yourself during these times.

The Audre Lorde Project is encouraging people to do this through their social media. They recently posted on Instagram reminding their followers that taking time away from people who invalidate your opinions is a form of self-care and is okay. ALP is a community that has begun making a mark through social media. They are encouraging people to speak out and are also serving as an outlet for people to sit in truth, reflect, and realize how at times, the loudest voice won’t always last forever.

To get started with your own self-care, here are some easy ways to take care of yourself in a demanding world.

Since most people are glued to their phones anyway, why not use apps to help you unwind? Wellness apps are a great way to relieve stress and check-in on yourself. Check out these five apps that have taken a stand in supporting the movement:

  1. Breathwrk (iOS)
  2. Happify(iOS and Google Play)
  3. Liberation Meditation (7 Day Free Trial)
  4. Headspace(7 Day Free Trial)
  5. Calm (7 Day Free Trial)

In addition to apps, you can follow black influencers for inspiration and to help you understand best how they are living, breathing, and thriving through a trivial time in our history.

If being on your phone is hurting your mental state more than it is helping, there are so many other ways to get your body in tune with your mind again like running or journaling. For more ideas check out the post below.

These cost-free, independent ideas are all ways to encourage us to keep on going, while also taking time to rest. Rest is crucial in our daily lives, but it can also look very different for all of us so be bold and find ways that you rest best. It’s when we are all fully rested that we equip ourselves for loving others better.

Spend a day, an hour or even a few minutes to get yourself back into your best groove. You won’t regret it.